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Organizing Dog Gear: How to Declutter on a Budget

We are days away from October and the rain hasn’t really come back yet. Before it does, it is time for folks to consider a mudroom makeover. Or if you don’t have a mudroom then creating something to help organize all the dog gear you’ve accumulated over the last year must be on the list…

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Chicken DIY Projects: Fermenting Chicken Feed

Why Do People Ferment Chicken Feed? My hens and rooster love their feed. When the chicks were introduced to the grown-up chickens about six weeks ago, we changed from layer feed to Scratch and Peck’s organic starter feed since the chicks needed to stay on that until about eight weeks. That’s when we’ll put them…

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Top 5 Dog Tips for Back-to-School

Can you believe it is September? Fall is in the air! We have some suggestions for Autumn flavors to spice up meals and how to keep bored dogs happy now that everyone is back to school and busy!Also, we want your four-legged fur friends to be fall-ready with rain gear, and winter coats so read…

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