A Catio Makes Every Season More Enjoyable For Your Cat

Cat Patio

Do you know about catios? You need one!

What is a catio?


This cat wants one! A cat enclosure or ‘cat patio’ provides feline safety and enrichment outdoors.

A staycation for cats!

Catios will allow your cat to live their best life. Since it’s a natural instinct for a cat to hunt and spend time outdoors, we have some suggestions for a safe way to get your feline friends out of the house. It’ll feel like a summer staycation for cats!

Cat + Patio = Catio

This cat + patio is an escape-proof or outdoor enclosure to keep cats safe outdoors while they’re enjoying nature. As you will see below, a catio can be added to a window, porch, patio, or garden. Install a cat door in a window, wall, or entry with 24-hour access. You should be able to lock up the cat doors at night (and during the day), which is super important, so we only recommend products with this feature.

Eight catio examples

These catios, some listed on Etsy, can be purchased. Still, you can easily replicate the ideas by ordering materials for a curbside delivery at Lowe’s or recycling materials you have at home.

Cat Solarium

Cat Solarium

Outdoor hammock for cats

Outdoor hammock for cats

Catio window ‘unit’

Window ‘unit’

DIY Catio plans

DIY plans

IKEA Le Catio

What about IKEA? Le Catio!

Outdoor catio swings and cat trees


Partner with a contractor to help build a catio

The below two catios were featured at the 9th Annual Catio Tour. This unique tour is organized and presented by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the Portland Audubon. 
The tour took place on September 11, and nine catios were part of the program. 
This year’s tour benefited the Cats Safe At Home Education Program


Creating a DIY catio is easy if you’re motivated! You can always try a cat harness and get them out for a walk.

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