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How Do You Choose the Best Dog Food?

High Quality Dog Food

According to the Washington Post,  “Americans spend about $75 billion annually on their pets, covering food, toys, clothing, and veterinary care. The typical dog owner can expect to pour well over $10,000 into the care, feeding, and entertainment of their pet over its lifetime.” Pet parents are always asking what they should feed and what…

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Welcome, Fetch Coffee Roasters! Four Roasts Available for Sale Through the Holiday Season at all 3 Stores!

Fetch Coffee

Our staff cannot wait for the holidays! Have you heard of Fetch Coffee Roasters? Fetch Coffee is a woman-owned roasting company, run by Sarah Witter. Sarah has a background in business, with a long-standing passion for both domestic dog behavior, coffee, and animal-based charities and organizations.  We love coffee of course but what do we…

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Pet Photos with Santa: Coming Back this Month

Santa Pics

‘Pet Photos’ with Santa are back this month! Do you have a holiday scarf picked out for your dog or cat? We’re already planning for the holiday season, so we wanted to make sure you had dates well in advance for this photo shoot at all three of our stores. A new festive backdrop will…

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Why Are My Chickens Losing All Their Feathers?


When Do Chickens Molt? Expert Janet Garman, author of “50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens” tells us that as daylight begins to shorten, it’s time for molting season. The chickens may lose feathers!  That is certainly the case with our chickens. I have one silver-laced Wyandotte that is going through a hard molt. I feel…

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Official Grand Opening of Salty’s Pet Supply Online Store

Shop 24/7 When It’s Convenient Salty’s Pet Supply Customers Can Now Buy Products Online, Pick-up in Store (Staff Will Run Orders Out to You!)  Salty’s Pet Supply is offering customers a new alternative to shopping in-store for the days where errands are virtually impossible.  Now anyone can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a…

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How to Care for a Blind Dog: Training Tips

Living with a blind dog requires time and patience. Whether your dog is a senior and lost his vision as he aged or your dog was born blind, there are many ways to help him navigate through life. Remember too that your dog’s nose is a very powerful tool and he’ll use this to determine…

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Dog Enrichment: Will Dog Games Help Curb Destructive Behavior?

Dogs are meant to live active lives! Many studies, especially those conductedby zoos, have shown that enriching an animal’s environment improves thepsychological and physical well-being of animals. The co-authors of Beyond Squeaky Toys break down enrichment for animals into six different categories and there are games to consider that may be a good fit for…

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