Avian Influenza: How can you best defend your flock?

You’ve heard of avian influenza and its impact on chicken keepers. Over 36 million birds have been affected. There is now one case in both Oregon and Washington. Most of the west coast has very few cases of avian influenza recorded, but there are many avian influenza cases in commercial and backyard flocks elsewhere. Wild…

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What are pollinators?

Pollinators - Anna’s hummingbird

Bees are not our only pollinators in the Pacific Northwest. According to the National Park service: “A pollinator is anything that helps carry pollen from the male part of the flower (stamen) to the female part of the same or another flower (stigma). The movement of pollen must occur for the plant to become fertilized…

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Meal Toppers for Dogs – Try Fruit

Meal Toppers for Dogs: Fruit

Diversify your dog’s bowl with low-sugar fruit toppers Don’t overthink it; adding any level of freshness to your dog’s meals will help them live longer and stay healthier. A recent resource for pet owners called “The Forever Dog” written by experts Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib discusses longevity toppers for dogs. If you don’t…

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Cat Dental Care

cat dental health

Look at these dental care tips for cats Dental disease in cats can impact their health and quality of life. Results of poor cat dental care can include bad breath, abscesses, lost teeth, and even infections of the internal organs. Products that help prevent dental disease. The first step is finding products that work for…

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Winter gardening tips

Planned raised beds, blueberry bushes planted in winter

Design your garden, winter-pruning, feeding birds, and cleaning tools are all winter gardening activities you can enjoy One of the best projects is designing and planning your garden during the winter months while you dream of planting veggies. It’s also a great time to clean garden tools, properly care for trees, prune and monitor the…

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