What is the Best Dog Food in 2020, According to Staff

Dog Food

There are a lot of new types of dog food recently introduced and our staff managers compiled a list of their favorite brands. The list has a wide variety of choices for pet parents from raw diets to baked foods. These brands are approved by all of our dogs! 

There are a few rules when you buy dog food that you must do regardless of which type of food you choose. And always ask our staff if you have any questions. Transitioning from one type of food can be overwhelming but we’re here to help make sure the right transition is in place before you make the switch. 

  • Always read the dog food label: There is a system for listing the ingredients on your dog’s food label and understanding it will help you pick the best ingredients.  
  • The FDA mandates that ingredients must be listed from most to least based on their weight.
  • The majority of your dog’s food is comprised of the first few ingredients listed, so you want to be sure they aren’t fillers. Instead, look for whole foods. Avoid any food with animal by-products, wheat, corn, and soy in the ingredient panel.

There are a few sites that will tell you when certain food types are recalled. We check these weekly, however, we are almost never affected by recalls due to our high standards for bringing in quality food. If we do have food brands on a recall list staff will always have these pulled from shelves and will communicate this with our customers. 

If you’re interested in having this information readily available then check the American Veterinary Medical Association’s site. 

Wash your bowls! This is important and necessary whether you feed a raw diet or dry kibble. Every day you should soak those bowls in an antibacterial soap or run them through the dishwasher. Here’s an article about why this is important.

The best choice for your dog may vary according to their dietary needs (seniors!), activity levels, and age. 

Here are the new best dog food brands we recommend in 2020: 

Dog Food Brands

Dry (and wet in some cases) 

  • Inception Pet Foods: High quality dry and canned food that won’t break the bank. This brand is easily digestible and made with grains. Inception also has wet food options.
  • Open Farm Ancient Grains: All their protein is humanely sourced and this is a good option for folks who are looking for high-quality grain in their pet’s diets. 
  • Open Farm Gently Cooked (farm fresh): For pet parents switching their dogs to a fresh food diet, this food can be also be used as a topper or mixed with other fresh foods. 
  • Canine Caviar: This very palatable, kibble is great for small breeds. The brand has a lot of delicious flavors for dogs. 
  • Rawz: Our staff calls out this brand as one of the best kibble options for dogs. They have a line of pate cans that your dogs will devour. The majority of the protein comes solely from meat.  
  • Farmina N&D Pumpkin Line: This grain-free line features pumpkin as the main ingredient. 

Baked food 

  • Stella and Chewy’s Coated Dry Food: This is one of the only dry foods that are baked! Baked foods are a bit easier to digest and the kibble is actually a bit softer than regularly extruded dry food. 

Raw diets 

  • Wild Coast Raw: Their seasonal veggie batches are made locally and fresh!  
  • OC Meaty Rox: This is a great choice for pet parents looking to switch to a raw diet. The food also makes a great topper! 
  • Vital Essentials Cat Raw Patties: This option is great for raw feeders who want their dog (or cat) to be on a limited protein diet. They only use the meat, goat’s milk, herring oil, and eggs (shell).
  • Tucker’s Pet Food: This raw diet is 95 percent meat and 5 percent pumpkin. It’s a great food option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The packaging is designed so you don’t have to touch the raw food. 
  • Steve’s Raw Food: They don’t pasteurize the formulas, and the ingredients are from the PNW!  
  • Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw: This high-protein raw dog food provides the best easy and healthy raw diet for dogs with premium nutrition and care.

Please check with our staff beforehand as not every store carries each of these brands.

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