Cat Dental Care

cat dental health

Look at these dental care tips for cats

Dental disease in cats can impact their health and quality of life. Results of poor cat dental care can include bad breath, abscesses, lost teeth, and even infections of the internal organs.

Products that help prevent dental disease.

The first step is finding products that work for your cat’s dental care, which can require some trial and error!

Cat toothbrush: Look for one with a small, angled head and soft bristles, a brush that fits over your finger, or even a piece of gauze wrapped around the finger.

Cat toothpaste: Use only dental products intended for cats! Cat toothpaste is safe to swallow, is made in tasty flavors, and contains enzymes to break down tartar.

Water additives: An easy way to keep breath fresh and gums healthy; most have a flavor, so make sure it won’t stop your cat from drinking enough!

Food additives: Mad About Organics makes a powdered food additive that uses anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal ingredients that work with the saliva to break down plaque and tartar.

Dental treats: Some dental treats can help reduce the rate of tartar buildup on cats’ teeth. Give these to your cat as rewards and for dental upkeep.

inspecting your cats teeth

Daily brushing will be best to prevent dental issues.

  • Get your cat used to having your fingers near and in her mouth – proceed gradually.
  • Get your cat used to the toothpaste and brush. Let them lick the toothpaste off your fingers, then off the brush. Your cat may even begin to look forward to this part!
  • When you’re both ready, brush the front teeth first, then the back. Do the upper teeth, then the lower. Focus on outer surfaces – cats don’t build up much tarter on the inside of their teeth. As your cat’s comfort grows, aim to reach the upper back molars – this is usually where buildup is.
  • End every session with praise, play, or a dental treat. Reward your cat no matter how far you get!

Cat Dental Care Tips:

  1. Be calm! If you’re tense, your cat will sense it.
  2. Baby steps! Introduce this routine bit by bit, so kitty isn’t overwhelmed; any amount of brushing is better than none.
  3. Start now! It’s never too late to begin caring for your cat’s teeth so you can avoid dental disease down the road.

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