Small Pets could be a consideration for adoption this Summer


The latest research shows that 5.4 million U.S. households own a small animal. Not only do dogs and cats improve people’s moods, control blood pressure, and stave off loneliness but so do rats! There are many small animals like rats and guinea pigs at local shelters waiting for forever homes. Our rescues need families to…

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Senior Pets Are The Least Likely Candidates to Find Homes

Senior Pet Adoption

Senior Pet Adoption Fortunately, during COVID, shelters are nearly empty. We know that many people have more time, and more time means saving an animal. Dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs found homes and are living their best lives. What about senior animals? How many seniors are finding forever homes? There are many benefits to adopting…

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Greyhound Adoptions: Q&A with Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest

The Greyhound breed has become increasingly popular over the years and was one of the first breeds at the American dog shows. According to an article in Wide Open Pets, “Historically, Greyhounds have been used as hunters due to their great speed – they are the fastest breed of dog, reaching top speeds of over…

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