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How to Care for a Blind Dog: Training Tips

Living with a blind dog requires time and patience. Whether your dog is a senior and lost his vision as he aged or your dog was born blind, there are many ways to help him navigate through life. Remember too that your dog’s nose is a very powerful tool and he’ll use this to determine…

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Meet May’s Customer of the Month: Moxie

Meet Moxie – our May Customer of the Month! Three Paws Pet Supply nominated Moxie because she brings a smile to us every time she visits us at the store. We want to share that feeling with the world!Enjoy this brief interview with Moxie’s pet parents! Customer Spotlight What is your name? Nicole Castle What is…

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April Customers of the Month: Meet Gizmo and Apollo

We’re super excited for you all to meet Gizmo and Apollo. Why were they nominated? “We nominated them because despite their massive size difference they’re still best friends!”Lesley, his pet parent, shared a little about these two in this interview! What is your name? Lesley What is the name of your pet(s)? Gizmo and Apollo…

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Get the Scoop on Cat Litter: In Order of Nancy’s Favorites 

Environmentally Friendly OptionsDo you suffer from kitty litter confusion? Frequently our customers ask us for the best options. We pulled together the following resource guide to help clarify some common questions on what the best options are:The Humane Society provides some tips on their site and guidelines for cat owners. Scoop feces out of the…

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Customers of the Month: Meet Seniors Yeti & Hershey

We’re doing a mid-month Customer of the Month post! We nominated Yeti and Hershey because they were an older bonded pair adopted together by their dads and we love that!!We asked their owners to tell us a little about why they are so special – enjoy this interview about their two senior rescue dogs! We love Guac too!…

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February Customer of the Month: Meet Kaiser

February is here! And our Customer of the Month is Kaiser. We asked owners Jon and Larry to tell us a little about why Kaiser is so special – enjoy this interview about their nine-month-old pup! We also live with dogs that love to do zoomies! What is your name? Jon or Larry What is the name…

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Customer of the Month: Meet Senior Dog, Adobe

We nominated Adobe for January’s Customer of the Month because we can’t resist that smile!! So please, meet Adobe! The FIRST pet featured on our blog in 2018. We asked Kelsi Manley and Baylee Hawk to tell us a little about Adobe and don’t forget to scroll to question five… We love meal time too!

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Customer of the Month: Meet Mr. Pierre

This month we’re highlighting Pierre as our customer of the month! How cute is he?! Pierre’s Mom was excited to share what makes him tick. Trips to the coast are his favorite pastime. Us too!”Pierre is such a special dog – there are so many people who remember him after meeting him once. He is…

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