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Grow Your Own Chicken Treats (Herbs!)

Homemade treats for chickens One of the best projects for spring is growing healthy homemade treats for your chickens. You can try growing a number of herbs in pots covered with chicken wire and see which the ladies enjoy the most. In this post and video, we demonstrate growing rosemary as a homemade treat for…

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Up-potting: How to Repot a Plant

Master gardeners will tell you that as your houseplant grows larger and the roots begin to grow through the drainage holes, repotting the plant into a larger pot will become necessary. In addition, pests (gross!), diseases, and mold often infiltrate the soil of a potted plant. To prevent further damage or a recurrence of the…

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Medicinal Herb Plants for Sale – Meet our Grower

Dawn is one of our botanical partners and Maple Twig Medicinals provides medicinal herb plants for sale including home-grown seedlings and botanicals in Portland. They also have an Etsy store that sells custom tinctures. We know them best for their wide variety of medicinal herb plants for sale that are available to our customers. We…

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Raising Chickens in Portland: Meet the Experts at Fang! Pet & Garden Supply

Chickens have been used to eat bugs for farmers for centuries. there is nothing more entertaining than watching your chickens scratch and peck! Many say chickens are the gateway bird to other livestock but perhaps you’re just considering a few hens. Whether it’s three hens or ten, look no further! Chicken expert advice from Fang!…

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Gardening Expert Advice: 8 Weeds With Benefits

Weeds are great when they’re planted in the right place. When we typically talk about weeds we talk about “invasive plants” and we thought we should flip the coin and look at the many weeds with benefits instead!Everything you read talks about how to prevent weeds from spreading by mowing or trampling before the seeds…

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Arbor Day Raffle for Oregon’s Wildlands

In celebration of Arbor Day this month, Fang! will be selling raffle tickets from March 26th until April 26th to benefit Oregon Wild and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. In light of the recent wildfires in the Columbia Gorge, we wanted to recognize our wildlife and the wilderness as this beauty and solitude is what makes…

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7 Plants That Are Poisonous To Pets

Spring showers make spring flowers! But be mindful of the top plants that are toxic to pets!Dogs dig under all plants so many of the flowers in your yard may be an issue. You may not even realize it!You can ask our staff more about each of the below if these are your fave but…

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Hostess Gift Ideas: Plants for Every Personality

At Fang & Feather, we have something for everyone on your list this year and we highly recommend these plants as hostess gifts! Given the typical hostess is really stressed these are the MOST thoughtful gifts. Their animals certainly help reduce stress but this should get them through the winter months a little easier! 

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