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Does a Raw Diet Make Sense for Your Dog?

The pet food industry continues to follow the latest trends and hopes to influence pet parents to buy certain brands. There have been so many food recalls over the past few years it’s now more important than ever to stay on top of what your dogs eat! What about raw diets for dogs?  The staff…

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Feeding Cats a Raw Food Diet: Is it Safe?

Felines are obligate carnivores. Cats are super picky eaters, andsometimes it requires a lot of patience from cat owners when trying to find thefood their feline friends love to eat. We suggest feeding cats a raw food diet if you’re ready to make the transition and it’s a great time if your cat is putting…

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Mixed Chicken Flocks: Planning Ahead Goes A Long Way!

Combining pullets and chicks with full-grown chickens is a challenge. Because pecking order is a serious matter, it can be dangerous and risky no matter the circumstances. Having a mixed chicken flock keeps things lively though! There is no question that we were entertained throughout the process, and perhaps even some of the adult chickens…

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Chicken DIY Projects: Fermenting Chicken Feed

Why Do People Ferment Chicken Feed? My hens and rooster love their feed. When the chicks were introduced to the grown-up chickens about six weeks ago, we changed from layer feed to Scratch and Peck’s organic starter feed since the chicks needed to stay on that until about eight weeks. That’s when we’ll put them…

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Celebrate National Blueberry Month with Dog Treat Recipes

What have you done to celebrate national blueberry month? And most importantly how are you celebrating with your dogs? Have you taken your dog to a blueberry festival? Have you taken your family to a U-Pick farm at all this summer? Our fave U-Pick farm near Portland is Columbia Farms. Dogs are not allowed in…

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Raising Chickens in Portland: Meet the Experts at Fang! Pet & Garden Supply

Chickens have been used to eat bugs for farmers for centuries. there is nothing more entertaining than watching your chickens scratch and peck! Many say chickens are the gateway bird to other livestock but perhaps you’re just considering a few hens. Whether it’s three hens or ten, look no further! Chicken expert advice from Fang!…

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Top Veggies for Dogs: How to Choose

At Salty’s we’re celebrating National Fresh Veggie Day on June 16. And when it comes to canines you don’t typically have to wrestle them to eat their veggies.You can choose what to include with meals based on what veggies are in season and those that aren’t that pricey. Look for veggies that are locally grown…

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Gardening Expert Advice: 8 Weeds With Benefits

Weeds are great when they’re planted in the right place. When we typically talk about weeds we talk about “invasive plants” and we thought we should flip the coin and look at the many weeds with benefits instead!Everything you read talks about how to prevent weeds from spreading by mowing or trampling before the seeds…

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Tips on How to Prevent Your Dog From Getting Lost

One in three pets gets lost in their lifetime, so it’s imperative to take preventative measures such as using regular and digital identification tags, microchips or simple things like closing that hole in your fence.According to a press release from the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA), “Microchips significantly increase the chance of a lost pet…

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