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6 DIY Craft Projects for Shelter Animals

July 21 is National Craft for Local Shelters day! And was started by Sew Doggy Style back in 2012. Each of the below crafts has been pinned by various influencers and bloggers and complete directions and materials are listed in their post. These are some of our faves on Pinterest but there are so many…

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Pet First Aid Tips: 5 Tips In Case There Is An Emergency

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and pet owners should brush up on some basic tips to ensure their animals are safe and healthy as we head into spring in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the below tips, you should also consider taking a class to refresh your skills. Dove Lewis has two…

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Customer of the Month: Meet Benny!

Meet Benny! Why was he nominated? He was one of our very first customers! He came in on 4 units of insulin and an H1C that was all out of whack! With a lot of research and some good old trial and error – Benny‘s A1 is totally under control and his diabetes is being treated with…

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Customers of the Month: Meet Seniors Yeti & Hershey

We’re doing a mid-month Customer of the Month post! We nominated Yeti and Hershey because they were an older bonded pair adopted together by their dads and we love that!!We asked their owners to tell us a little about why they are so special – enjoy this interview about their two senior rescue dogs! We love Guac too!…

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February Customer of the Month: Meet Kaiser

February is here! And our Customer of the Month is Kaiser. We asked owners Jon and Larry to tell us a little about why Kaiser is so special – enjoy this interview about their nine-month-old pup! We also live with dogs that love to do zoomies! What is your name? Jon or Larry What is the name…

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