A Catio Makes Every Season More Enjoyable For Your Cat

Cat Patio

Do you know about catios? You need one! What is a catio? This cat wants one! A cat enclosure or ‘cat patio’ provides feline safety and enrichment outdoors. A staycation for cats! Catios will allow your cat to live their best life. Since it’s a natural instinct for a cat to hunt and spend time…

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Pet Supply Home Delivery Service and Curbside Pickup Available


Salty’s Pet Supply and Fang! Pet & Garden Supply Partner with Cascadian Courier Collective Are you familiar with Portland’s Bicycle Food Delivery Service, Cascadian Courier Collective? They deliver lunch and dinner to their customers and now pet food and products from Salty’s Pet Supply and Fang! Pet & Garden Supply. We asked our customers what…

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How to Stop a Destructive Dog: Will Dog Games Help?

How to Stop a Destructive Dog

Dogs are meant to live active lives! Many studies, especially those conducted by zoos, have shown that enriching an animal’s environment improves the psychological and physical well-being of animals which can help stop a dog from being destructive. The co-authors of Beyond Squeaky Toys break down enrichment for animals into six different categories, and there…

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Top 5 Dog Tips for Back-to-School

Can you believe it is September? Fall is in the air! We have some suggestions for Autumn flavors to spice up meals and how to keep bored dogs happy now that everyone is back to school and busy! Also, we want your four-legged fur friends to be fall-ready with rain gear and winter coats, so…

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6 DIY Craft Projects for Shelter Animals

July 21 is National Craft for Local Shelters day! And was started by Sew Doggy Style back in 2012. Each of the below crafts has been pinned by various influencers and bloggers, and complete directions and materials are listed in their posts. These are some of our faves on Pinterest, but there are so many…

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