Meal Toppers for Dogs – Try Fruit

Meal Toppers for Dogs: Fruit

Diversify your dog’s bowl with low-sugar fruit toppers Don’t overthink it; adding any level of freshness to your dog’s meals will help them live longer and stay healthier. A recent resource for pet owners called “The Forever Dog” written by experts Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib discusses longevity toppers for dogs. If you don’t…

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Dog Food Toppers and Supplements Enrich Mealtime

(Updated 09/12/2021) Are you feeding your dog commercially prepared dry or wet food? Or freeze-dried, raw, or home-cooked diets? Perhaps some of the meals are fed in bowls and other portions are in puzzle toys (a great tool for enrichment). As we head into the fall season, consider some new ways to enrich and spice…

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Top Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

pumpkin dog superfood

Pumpkin is a ‘superfood’ and has a high concentration of critical nutrients, including potassium and vitamin A. Why is pumpkin such an excellent supplement for our dogs? First, it calms an upset stomach and, in many cases, helps with diarrhea too. Second, it can act as a binder to help firm up loose stools. Finally,…

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Benefits of an Integrative or Holistic Vet for Your Pets

Cat Acupuncture

Many pet owners may be skeptical about holistic vet care, but it’s a wonderful addition to your pet’s overall medical program. There are many benefits to working with a holistic vet that offers integrative healthcare. Many pet owners schedule appointments with holistic vets for preventive care or solutions to recently diagnosed problems. Alternative and integrative…

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Pet Supply Home Delivery Service and Curbside Pickup Available


Salty’s Pet Supply and Fang! Pet & Garden Supply Partner with Cascadian Courier Collective Are you familiar with Portland’s Bicycle Food Delivery Service, Cascadian Courier Collective? They deliver lunch and dinner to their customers and now pet food and products from Salty’s Pet Supply and Fang! Pet & Garden Supply. We asked our customers what…

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Top 5 Dog Tips for Back-to-School

Can you believe it is September? Fall is in the air! We have some suggestions for Autumn flavors to spice up meals and how to keep bored dogs happy now that everyone is back to school and busy! Also, we want your four-legged fur friends to be fall-ready with rain gear and winter coats, so…

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