Customer of the Month: Meet Senior Dog, Adobe

We nominated Adobe for January’s Customer of the Month because we can’t resist that smile!! So please, meet Adobe! The FIRST pet featured on our blog in 2018. We asked Kelsi Manley and Baylee Hawk to tell us a little about Adobe, and don’t forget to scroll to question five… We love meal time too!

  1. What is your name? Kelsi Manley and Baylee Hawk
  2. What is the name of your pet? Adobe
  3. What breed is your pet? We aren’t sure, and we make it up whenever someone asks. Lately, we’ve been saying Bichon-Poodle mix, but he could be a Maltipoo. He’s convinced he’s a Great Dane.
  4. How old is your pet? 11 years young but acts like a puppy.
  5. What do they do that makes you laugh? If he’s convinced he hasn’t been adequately fed for the day (which is never true), he aggressively pushes his bowl around the house into every room while making intense eye contact. He looks so seriously offended that I laugh every time. He also chases small animals, but once he corners them, he looks back at us with eyes that just say, “What do I do with it?” He’s never actually caught a small animal in his life.
  6. What is their favorite treat? Favorite pastime? He loves his CBD treats from ThreePaws. They’ve calmed his separation anxiety a lot. He likes snoozin’, snugglin’, and playing with his old, disgusting snowman stuffed animal, he got for Christmas one year.
  7. What activity do you enjoy most with your pet? It’s hard to say because we do everything together and it’s always fun. I think I love that despite his small size, he loves hiking and camping with us.
  8. What silly name do you call your pet when no one is around? StinkDog, BabyDog, Doberboy—the list goes on and on and on.
  9. What has your pet taught you? I think it might be cheesy, but the way he approaches strangers and acts like he already knows and loves them has always been something I adore about him. I once watched a stranger cry when she saw him and say it was the first time she felt okay and happy in the last month. He’s loyal, friendly to a fault, and treats everyone he meets like they’re the best person in the world. I hope to be more like him all the time.
  10. Where does your pet sleep? On the bed, wherever he pleases 🙂 Last night it was on my chest because he had a bad dream. It’s pathetic.
  11. Lastly, what is most precious about your relationship? Two years ago, Adobe got attacked, needed emergency surgery, and had a prolonged recovery. I was able to take the week off and help him when he couldn’t eat or walk. A year later, I had a spinal injury and also required surgery. He never left my side, was forgiving when I couldn’t always take him out right away for potty breaks, and became fiercely protective of me. We know how to read each other, and he’s my most loyal, loving friend.