Top Five DIY Summer Dog Toys

Mastiff in the grass

When we think of summer, we always remember all our summer traditions like going to the Farmer’s Market, the coast, buying lemonade from the local lemonade stand, and corn dogs. 

With that in mind, there are fewer activities lined up because of COVID this year. We went ahead and looked at Pinterest to see if we could find some cheap dog toys, we can create at home that’ll be fun. 

Have you heard of a flirt pole? What about a ‘bottle spin toy’? Some of these are not brand-new concepts, and other ideas are a twist on something you may have seen already on Instagram. 

Five Summer DIY Dog Toys:

1. Bottle Spin Toy

2. Treat Feeder

3. Prey Stick

4. Tug toys

5. Frozen ice cake and pupsicles!

Five toys that we carry at our stores that staff recommends

If you are not feeling creative this summer, we have toys you can purchase. All our dogs have tested these products, and if you have any questions, please ask our staff which dog toys they think are best suited for your best friend. 

Brick puzzle toys
Brick puzzle toys:
Use these dog toys to hide some frozen bone broth cubes for a cold puzzle.

Ruffwear Turnups Dog Toy
Ruffwear Turnups or Cones and West Paw Hurleys or Bumis:
They all float and would be a great pool toy. 

Messy Mutts dog freezer trays
Messy Mutts dog freezer trays:
Fill with wet food, pumpkin, apple sauce, goats milk anything good for dogs and freeze. This gives your pup a surprise treat with which to cool off.

West Paw puzzle toys
West Paw puzzle toys:
You can also fill these with wet food and put a bully stick in it or a no hide chew and freeze it!

Soda Pup Dog Toy
Any Planet Dog or Soda Pup Toy:
Fill these with canned food to freeze. 

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