Fang & Feather Re-Brands Logo, Name and Website to Fang! Pet & Garden Supply

Fang & Feather opened its doors in 2012 in the growing Kenton neighborhood where owners could walk from their houses or apartments to find a friendly store stocked with a wide variety of affordable supplies, including food, toys, and accessories for cats, dogs, birds, bunnies and other small animals.Six years later in our new home on Lombard, we are re-branding with a refreshed logo and name. “Fang! Pet & Garden Supply better reflects who we are as a company after expanding over the last year. Fang! Is what people know us as and Pet & Garden Supply is what we have to offer our awesome customers. We have spent a lot of time growing the products that we offer as a full line pet supply store. At the same time, we have been building our garden center that carries houseplants year-round and also have a seasonal outdoor garden center that carries a full line of outdoor plants for every aspect of your plant-loving person needs,” explains owner, Nancy Fedelem.

Fang! Pet & Garden Supply: Why We’re Re-branding

The personal service and attention that the store’s team gives their customers will not change! It now includes a unique skill set that focuses on the garden center. This Q&A with Nancy will answer a few questions about the new look and feel.Q1. How will Fang Pet & Garden Supply be different than Fang & Feather?A1. New website launches on March 19.You’ll see new and better signage both inside and outside the store. We will have a new neon sign on the front of the building so it’s easier to see the store as you are driving. We will also have a sign on the west side of the building for better visibility.Things that won’t change! Our great customer service! Our great products! And our store hours.Q2. Is the entire staff well versed in gardening or are there specific team members the community should rely on?A2. We have a dedicated staff for our seasonal outdoor garden center that can answer all your gardening and plant questions. Inside the store, our staff will be able to answer basic questions and help you with all your houseplant needs along with all your pet supply needs.Q3. What are you most excited about?A3. I’m excited about our new logo, it’s a nice fresh look at who we are as a company. It has a nostalgic feel to our old logo with the circular design element and large capital “F” but at the same time, the new fresh font makes the design more energic to reflect the recent changes that Fang! has seen as we have added new products and departments to our store.The Site informational portal that helps our customers know what kind of products we carry and what you can expect when you visit us at the shop. We also have a new blog that offers some wonderful articles about all things dog, cat, small animals, and plant. And every month we highlight our favorite customers in a “customer spotlight” and I always look forward to learning more about our customers and seeing all their cute pictures.Q4. Will you introduce any new product lines with the launch?A4. We are always adding new products on a weekly basis to the shop, however, the re-branding is happening at a very important part of the year as we get ready to open our season garden center on March 31.  What better time to drop the word “feather” and add “Pet & Garden Supply.”