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Fang! Pet & Garden Supply

Fang! Pet & Garden Supply is located in the heart of North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. The shop features a wide variety of top quality, healthy and affordable supplies, food, treats, toys, and accessories for cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and gerbils. You’ll also find products for snakes, geckos, turtles, bearded dragons and even tarantulas. And in a community where many homes have chicken coops, Fang! Pet & Garden Supply is a go-to location for a wide variety of chicken food and supplies — as well as knowledgeable advice from the staff about raising backyard chickens.

Do you love gardening? We do too! But sometimes it’s hard to know which plants are safe for your pets — and which might be toxic. Our garden supply team is ready to help you find the right plants to create a safe and happy environment for everyone in your family. 

Outdoor Garden Center: Open Early March to Late October 10am-7pm daily

Holidays: Closed on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Garden Center

Do you love gardening? Houseplants? So do we! But sometimes plants and pets don’t mix well. We will help you find the purr-fect plants for your home or garden, chosen with care to create a balanced and happy environment for everyone in your family. We stock edible and decorative garden plants, shrubs, native plants and trees grown on local Northwest farms, and our well-trained team is eager to answer all your pet and plant questions.

Meet the Team



Expertise: Independent and finicky or picky cats! Navigating her own cat’s food allergies spurred Alyx to cultivate a deep understanding of behavior, diet and activity modifications that can help pets thrive.

Pets: Simmons the basset hound, cats Ken and Steven, and Tater the tiny rescue turtle.


Assistant Manager
Expertise: Dog and cat nutrition, especially sensitive or pinky eaters. Tanya loves helping customers find the right products for their pets. She’s lived and worked with animals nearly her whole life, growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, bearded dragons, Uromastyx, turtles and frogs (just to name a few!). Her background even includes experience working in a veterinary clinic.

Pets: Tanya shares her home with six pets! Her two sprightly older cats (Abbi, a 14 year old black and white tuxedo and Boris, a 15 year old Himalayan), dogs Zeke (a pitbull, rottweiler, German Shepard mix) and Mara Jade (a two year old Staffordshire terrier), and two white tree frogs (Bean and Franklin) who are about 10 months old.


Garden Center Department Head
Expertise: Granville’s remarkable background spans Ayurveda and Western herbology, sustainable food systems and the veterinary field. He knows just the right plants that keep pets safe while enhancing your home and garden.

Pet: Adventurous kitty Livia, who continues to expand Granville’s understanding of feline intelligence.


Assistant Garden Department Head
Expertise: Plants! And this isn’t just a fling - Naiya has been studying and working with plants for 18 years. She loves engaging with customers, answering questions and sharing her passion and enthusiasm for plants with everyone.

Pets: Nine year old German shepard Kyus and a kitten called Juney, who Naiya rescued from under a shed! Having shared her whole life with dogs (including her beloved Plott Hound Kentucky), Naiya is fluent about things like harnesses, leashes, treats, toys and training. And thanks to Juney, Naiya has also developed deep expertise on the flavors and consistencies of canned cat food carried at Fang!

Contact Us

Fang! Pet & Garden Supply
3131 N Lombard Street
Portland, OR 97217

Mon–Fri 9am–8pm
Sat–Sun 9am–7pm

Closed: 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

[email protected]
(503) 972-5822

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