Garden Center Opens at Fang! Pet & Garden Supply

Garden Center

Join us for the Fang! Garden Center Opening Celebration

March 7 from 12-5 p.m. 

Are you hoping to manage your garden and landscaping successfully but need some advice? Do you want to reduce the impact of invasive species in your yard? Us too!

Healthy living through gardening

We’re here to increase community awareness of healthy living through gardening! We embrace the idea that everyone wants to be a master gardener but doesn’t have the time for training. Yet, we’re all gardeners at heart and ready for spring. With that in mind, don’t miss the reopening of our garden center on March 7! Our staff is ready to answer all your questions, and we’ll have a wide selection of houseplants available too, including cactus and succulent plants. We have several varieties of Philodendron and a beautiful selection of tropicals. 

At the celebration, we’ll also have ‘make your own seed bombs’ and a sale on soil! 

The gardening season officially kicks off 

There are so many activities planned for the garden center reopening. Come by and learn more from our staff about how to grow veggies! 

Popular vendors will be here giving out free samples, and customers can enjoy Fetch Coffee samples while they shop. Oregonic Tonic will also be sampling and selling their Kombucha. You must try it. 

Meet our staff!

We asked a few of them about their fave plants!

Nancy Fedelem, owner – currently blooming is the Viola Adunca a.k.a. the western dog violet and it’s her fave!

Rik B. – loves the Euphorbia Rigida

Naiya J. –  prefers the Arisarum Proboscideum over all others

Granville G. – Edgeworthia Papiyrifera is the clear winner

Leah H. – she’s over the moon about Sassafras trees

Learn how to prep your garden

If you’re starting research on how to prep your garden, then we can also talk to you about:

  • Turning in cover crops
  • Amending soil with compost or conditioner
  • Filling raised beds
  • Building/repairing raised beds
  • Seeding indoors
  • Planning a planting calendar for what you want to grow
  • Weeding

Just bring a blank garden journal, and we’ll fill it up. By the time you leave, you will have ideas that will last months!

Do you have any questions you need answering now? Leave them in the comments below and our gardening experts will get you the answer.