Feeding Cats a Raw Food Diet: Is it Safe?

Felines are obligate carnivores.

Cats are super picky eaters, andsometimes it requires a lot of patience from cat owners when trying to find thefood their feline friends love to eat.

We suggest feeding cats a raw food diet if you’re ready to make the transition and it’s a great time if your cat is putting their nose up at their existing meal.

The SprucePets.com tells us:

“Feeding cats a raw diet means feeding them uncooked animal muscle meat, organ meat, and bones. This type of food is sometimes called the BARF diet, which stands for “bones and raw food” or ” biologically-appropriate raw food.”

Commercial diets are available, and we have some great recommendations for what you can buy here at Salty’s Pet Supply.

We interviewed the store manager, Tim Gonzales about feeding cats a raw food diet and why this is one of the most popular questions he gets from cat owners!

Cats (carnivores):

Q1. Why should pet parents consider feeding their cats a raw food diet?

A1. The main reason is that cats don’t get enough liquidon their own (moisture is SO important). Since this is such a commonproblem in cats and urinary issues are something cat owners worry about, a rawdiet is a wonderful solution. Also, there are freeze-dried raw diet options andadding water is an important step which is another reason to feed a raw diet.We recommend both types of raw diets.

Q2. Do cats need veggies and carbs in their diets at all?

A2. No!They don’t need either! They can only tolerate carbs in small amounts.

Q3. What are the health benefits of a raw diet for cats?

A3. Thenumber one benefit we talk to cat owners about when they ask if a raw diet isthe right choice is healthy skin and coat. It’s amazing the difference you’llsee. Second reason? Along with this comes fewer hairballs and better digestion.

Q4. Is feeding cats a raw food diet safe?

A4.Their bodies and digestive tracts canhandle the foodborne illnesses that we worry about and the brands we carryspecially treat their food, so it’s safefor pets.

Q5. What ingredients are in a raw cat diet?

A5. Muscle meat, Organmeat full of taurine, ground bone oreggshell for calcium and kelp or another mineral supplement added back in tomake it a complete diet.

Q6. Which brands do you all recommend for cat owners?

A6. Catspecific:

  1. Small Batch
  2. NW Natural
  3. Newest Wild CoastRaw (brought in recently)

“Ithink that with cats, it’s always important to remember that if your cat ispicky, consider rotating the proteins. Rotate within the same brand, and all you’rechanging is the protein source.

Soyou’re adding nutrients that aren’t in the other protein. 

Explore what your cat likes!” – Tim

Medical disclaimer: Our staff are not nutritionists or DVMs so please check with your Vet or holistic vet before you start a new diet for various health conditions.

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