March 6th – 12th is Professional Pet Sitters Week! We all deserve and need vacation time, but it can be stressful Professional pet sittersdeciding on care for your pets while you’re gone. It’s not always ideal to just have a friend stop by and check on them; they have their own busy lives to attend to as well. Boarding facilities can be a fantastic option – but the best ones are understandably often booked far in advance. A professional pet sitter can be a life saver and give you peace of mind when you’re travelling. You can hire a sitter to stay at your home, check on your pets throughout the day, or watch your pets in their own home.You don’t want to just hire the first pet sitter you come across online, however. Here’s some tips for finding a caring, knowledgeable professional to look after your fur kids.

  • Ask sources you trust for a reference.
    • There are lots of useful sites and organizations that can help you choose a sitter, but some of the best recommendations come from family and friends who’ve used pet sitters in the past. You can also ask the experts on our team the next time you come in the store if they have any recommendations.
  • Ask to see training certificates, proof of business insurance, and veterinary associations.
    • Good professional pet sitters put in a lot of time and work to grow their business and their skill sets. When talking with a potential sitter, ask about what training they’ve completed and ask if you can see copies of certifications. You’ll also want to see their proof of business insurance. It’s also good for a pet sitter to have a relationship with an area vet in case of emergencies, so be sure to get this info.
  • Interview and be interviewed.
    • While you’re interviewing a potential pet sitter, see if they’re taking notes about you and asking detailed questions about your pet. A good professional will want to interview you just as much as you interview them!
  • Define quality time.
    • It’s important to clarify what the pet sitter considers quality time with your pets. Even if they’ll be staying at your house or keeping your pet at home with them, you’ll want to know how much time they’ll be playing with, cuddling, and focusing on your pet.
  • Help your pet sitter help you and your pets.
    • Set everyone up for success by making sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations before your trip; leaving detailed instructions; buying extra food and supplies before leaving; and making sure your pet has access to their favorite toys and items during the sitter’s time. Also, set up guidelines for updates from your pet sitter so everyone will know what to expect communication wise.

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