One of our fave trainers is Victoria Stilwell. Naturally we wanted to refer to her posts when sharing tips on living with a new puppy. According to Stilwell:

“Bringing a puppy into your home is a 15-20 year commitment, so it’s important not to take the decision lightly.”

  1. Do your research: “Spend time observing a puppy in her environment and watch how she interacts with other pups, adult dogs and people around her,” adds Stilwell.
  2. Puppy training: Socialization is key and introducing your puppy to the environments and situations she is likely to experience throughout her life will make a well balanced pup.
  3. Vet visits and vaccinations! Talk to your Veterinarian about all the essential vaccinations and what that will look like.
  4. Can I take my puppy out? Again, see above! There are important socialization guidelines and it’s important to know when you can take your puppy out of the neighborhood but talk to your Vet!
  5. Manners: You want your puppy to have good manners and to behave well so consider those puppy classes.
  6. House training: Invest the time to make sure your puppy is house trained. This will save you a lot of headaches later on.
  7. Crate training is a great training tool for when your puppy grows up!  It’s a safe place and a great potty training tool.
  8. Mealtime: Try puzzle toys for your pup for all meals – food stuff-able toys are the best interactive toys as you can stuff these with a lot of healthy treats! And kibble!
  9. Teething: “Teach your puppy that mouthing or nipping a person’s skin or clothes at any time stops play and attention immediately,” adds Stilwell. (SO important to learn how to manage mouthy pups).
  10. Never use punishment! Ignore the whining! And a tired pup is a good pup! Just a reminder…

How should you celebrate National Puppy Day this Friday? Top three ways to celebrate!

Special Puppy Treats. Stop in the store and ask our staff which they should try!Visit A Local Dog Park or Puppy Class. Schedule an outing and visit your local dog park! A Dog Party or Come and Celebrate At Salty’s. Bring a whole new meaning to party animal by hosting a dog party at your home or please come to any of our stores.

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