Healthy Dog Treats and DIY Recipes

Dog treats

What do most of us look for in dog treats? Treats that are healthy.

Due to allergies, some pet parents look for treats that are wheat, corn, and soy-free. With that in mind, a good place to start is with the label or perhaps baking healthy dog treats rather than buying them. There are a lot of ingredients to steer clear of like sugar and artificial colors. Dog-friendly ingredients only! Do you ever fill your dog’s KONG with peanut butter? We have some creative recipe ideas for how you can spice up the filling that will keep your dog busy for hours. 

Don’t be intimidated by labels as there are key items to look out for (and some items to avoid altogether):

5 things to look for on the label

Dog Treats

  1. Items that are simply not good for dogs including artificial colors, sugar, flavors, and preservatives
  2. Lower-quality ingredients like meat by-products
  3. Avoid anything with salt, syrups, and molasses
  4. Pet parents that have dogs with allergies should avoid wheat, soy, and corn. There is typically a grain-free section in most pet stores or simply ask the staff.
  5. Look for these ingredients: whole meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables

Don’t forget about veggies and fruits like banana slices and carrots as both are great snacks and low in calories (be careful of anything toxic to animals).

Look for treats that have essential ingredients like Omega fatty acids! These enrichment ingredients are a good reason to add some brands to your shopping basket.

With all this in mind, perhaps making treats yourself is the best option for your dogs and you can avoid having to look at labels (under a microscope) altogether. KONG fillers are a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to turn on the oven. We’ve included some links from the CBD oil brand, Pet Releaf. 

Animal expert, Dr. Dobias also has some great tips for choosing healthy dog treats. “Dehydrated, baked or cooked pieces of organic meats are great,” explains Dr. Dobias and he suggests looking for recipes that you know your dogs will like. 

4 Kong Recipes For Your Pup with Pet-Friendly CBD Oil


1. Peanut Butter & Dog Food

2. Watermelon & Cucumber Refresh

3. Goat Milk Yogurt & Banana Parfait

4. Chicken Soup

These KONG fillers are a great alternative to making treats from scratch but also a nice way to add a supplement like CBD oil. Pet Releaf offers these four great filling ideas for pet parents. 

As we head towards the holidays, it’s nice to make treats for your dogs and perhaps “guest” dogs coming over to stay.

Please ask our staff if you have any questions about the treats we sell at the store. They would be happy to talk you through labels or simply the treats they really like for their pets. And you can always ask Parker!

Parker did some taste testing at the store this week. He frequently helps us decide what makes a great treat!