Is My Cat Too Skinny?

Cat Eating

If your cat is losing weight, there may be a medical reason and you should take her into your vet for a visit. There are also ways to put weight on your cat safely with high-quality canned food brands and supplements. confirms that some of the main reasons for weight loss are anxiety, cancer, and diabetes. Dental disease and old age are also reasons your cat may all of a sudden look too skinny to you or cause your cat to stop eating for a day or two. 

What if my cat stops eating for more than a few days?

Our staff can always help answer questions about how to support your cat when they’re boycotting their meals, but if those missed meals go on for a few days, you should journal and take notes about what’s happening and make a vet appointment. Cats need to eat every day or they can develop fatty liver disease (liver disease).

There are ways to stimulate a skinny cat’s appetite, and experts recommend products like bone broth. Our staff also has tips and tricks that work with their animals. 

  • Try Answers Fish Broth or their goat’s milk 15 minutes before feeding 
  • Always have meat-based baby food available 
  • Offer small meals throughout the day can be helpful 
  • As a last resort try feeding smelly canned cat food

With that in mind, make sure you always have multiple bowls of cat food out if you live with more than one cat! Bullying can be an issue, and your shy cat may be missing meals because they’re anxious about eating.

How often should you feed your skinny cat?

Feeding your cat once or twice a day is appropriate, and age makes a difference. The most important point is cats need to eat every day.

“They like to hunt so a few small meals throughout the day where they have to work for their food is what we like to tell customers. Try putting food or treats in feeding toys around the house. Keeps their minds active and bodies too, and your cat will enjoy eating more, make it a game,” says owner Nancy Fedelem.

Which brands should you feed a cat that’s already skinny?

Feed your skinny cat any high-quality brand that is free from wheat, soy, corn, and animal by-products. Kitten food and wet food are also good choices. Our staff recommends adding supplements to make sure your skinny cat is getting all the nutrients needed.

What about toppers?

Like dogs, cats also benefit from toppers. Not only does a topper have health benefits for skinny cats (and normal size cats too) helping with digestion issues and improving coat quality, but toppers also help with hydration. Toppers help picky felines eat more.

Our staff’s top two toppers for cats:

  1. Bone Broth, Primal Pet Food
  2. Goat’s Milk from Answers Pet Food

We don’t recommend adding canned tuna intended for human consumption as it can be high in sodium or have other ingredients that won’t agree with their tummies and may cause GI upset.

Always transition food slowly as cats tend to hate change and won’t eat.

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Do you have any tricks and tips that help your cat’s appetite? Let us know here.