June Customer of the Month: Meet Dickie

Help us celebrate our June customer of the month! Dickie!Enjoy this brief interview with Dickie’s pet parent.And why Dickie? We freaking love this little nugget. He comes in every day and is just like he owns the place. He is such a little old man. He also comes behind the counter like he is clocking in for his shift. (see his mugshot below!)DickieCustomer Spotlight

  1. What is your name? Beth
  2. What is the name of your pet? Dickie
  3. What breed is your pet? Lakeland Terrier
  4. How old is your pet? 4-years-old
  5. What is their favorite treat? Fave pastime? Organic chicken bites or frozen peanut butter in the kong. Pastime: Sitting on the front stoop with arms crossed (so proper!) waiting for neighborhood friends.
  6. What activity do you enjoy the most with your pet? TUG-O-WAR! He’s the smiley-ist and happiest!
  7. What is your pets quirkiest habit? Dickie likes to lift his leg and turn it into a sumo-squat to do his business. He also likes to “backing it up” into tall lilac bushes. Sorry neighborhood gardens!
  8. What would your pet do if it had thumbs? If Dickie had thumbs he would be a better big spoon at night and would probably hold my hand.
  9. If your pet could talk, would you want them to, why? Yes! Dickie is probably a stubborn British man who enjoys a glass of whiskey and cracks sarcastic jokes.
  10. What has your pet taught you? Dickie has taught me patience but mostly about enjoying the things in life I forgot were so magical!
  11. Lastly, what is most precious about your relationship? He was adopted at age 4 without any previous socialization and yet he tail wags for every dog, big or small!

Our 2018 calendar

Any pets featured as a Customer of the Month will be automatically added to a new calendar we’re debuting THIS year. If you would like to be featured, any of the staff at Salty’s can connect you with the form to fill out or please email our store manager at in**@sa*************.com.