Learn to Live in the Moment: Like Our Dogs!

Dogs teach us so many lessons. The most important one may be to learn to live in the moment. Patience is another! An article on PsychCentral.com tells us,

“When we give ourselves permission to just be, we can take our time and explore new things, like the dog who sniffs every tree and bush on the block. When we can’t live in the moment we miss all the finer things that happen right under our noses.”

And dogs often act like clowns! We need to give ourselves permission to clown around occasionally. Life can be stressful, after all! So, what exactly can dogs teach us about living in the moment? Our staff came up with our fave lessons.

Drink it all in

They aren’t busy thinking about today or tomorrow, they’re just there.

Cuddle time!

Dogs need our connection (and one-on-one time) daily – how are you nurturing that for yourself? With a walk or call with a friend?

Celebrate something small every day

Make every day special, and this can be simple. Planting some flowers or making a coffee and sitting on the porch with your dog is what our store dog, Parker suggests.

Mom, look at me!

Get outside to play with your pet, as you don’t have to talk about your problems with your dog!

Meditate with your best friend

Always make time for rest. Dogs are masters at this lesson, and living in the moment sometimes means just being still (with your dog).

Did we miss anything?

Do you agree?

How does your dog help you live in the moment?