Meet Bowie – our March Customer of the Month!We love Bowie! Why was Bowie nominated for March?  “It’s so much fun to see how much he’s grown since the first time he visited us at Fang! He had to be a Spotlight because he stole our hearts,” according to Fang and Feather’s owner, Nancy Fedelem. We asked Anna (pet parent) to tell us a little about Bowie.

Customer Spotlight

  1. What is your name? Bowie
  2. What is the name of your pet? Anna Heston
  3. What breed is your pet? Boston Terrier
  4. How old is your pet? 4 months
  5. What do they do that makes you laugh? He snores like a pig
  6. What is their favorite treat?  Beef Trachea 
  7. What activity do you enjoy the most with your pet? Playing with Bowie
  8. What silly name do you call your pet when no one is around? Bo Bo
  9. What has your pet taught you? That dogs are babies
  10. Where does your pet sleep? Pup bed in living room, cuz he snores
  11. Lastly, what is most precious about your relationship? That I’m a dog mom too

Our 2018 calendar

Any pets featured as a Customer of the Month will be automatically added to a new calendar we’re debuting THIS year. If you would like to be featured, any of the staff at Fang & Feather can connect you with the form to fill out or please email our store manager at in**@fa***************.com