Meet May’s Customer of the Month: Moxie

Meet Moxie – our May Customer of the Month! Three Paws Pet Supply nominated Moxie because she brings a smile to us every time she visits us at the store. We want to share that feeling with the world! Enjoy this brief interview with Moxie’s pet parents!

Customer Spotlight

  1. What is your name? Nicole Castle
  2. What is the name of your pet(s)? Moxie
  3. How breed is your pet? Mutt/Spaniel
  4. How old is your pet? 10 years old
  5. What is their favorite treat? Fave pastime? Peanut Butter. Chasing squirrels and skateboards.
  6. What activity do you enjoy most with your pet? Walkies.
  7. What is your pet’s quirkiest habit? He loves to crawl, roll on the ground, and get belly rubs while down there.
  8. What would your pet do if it had thumbs? Take over the world.
  9. If your pet could talk, would you want them to? Why? I would ask her what her life was like before I adopted her.
  10. What has your pet taught you? That it’s essential to take time to play and enjoy the moment.
  11. Lastly, what is the one thing you think everyone should know about your pet? She’s a little monster, but she’s still sweet – mostly.