National Specially-Abled Pets Day: Celebrating Parker!

Help us celebrate National Specially-abled Pets Day! Have you met Parker J. Bearington? He’s famous! We interviewed Nancy Fedelem, Salty’s owner and pet parent to Parker about why he’s so special!

Q1. How did you and Parker meet? 

A1. We met Parker 5 years ago on a cold Saturday in February.  His leg had been amputated 2 weeks prior and was still in the process of healing. We had lost our dog Monk at the beginning of the year and it was time for us to welcome a new dog in need into our family. We knew that Monk would have wanted that. The second I saw Parker’s picture on the Pixie Project website I knew he was part of our family. His deep soulful eyes and his cute ears had me sold. When we met him in person it was like he had always been with us and we brought him home that day. The biggest test would be how he did with our little dogs.. and the answer was perfect.

Q2. Please share a story about the impact Parker has made in your life?  Or when did you fall in love?

A2. Parker makes an impact on my life every day but some days impacts are bigger than others. One story that comes to mind is how much Parker really loves his friends and shows it. During a weekend event at Salty’s, we had a pet massage therapist doing short sessions and I thought that Parker would LOVE that… He did!!! When he was done with his session he ran out of the backroom into the main part of the store with a big smile on his face.

I was still in the backroom when I had Parker do one of his signature “I’m super happy and I want to world to know it’s all because of you!” songs…  So I walk out onto the floor of the shop and what do I see Parker laying on his back getting tummy rubs from his favorite person Becky. The funny part of this story is that Parker had only ever seen Becky at our other store Fang…. But he knew the second he saw her that Becky loves him to pieces and will get right down on the floor with him and give him love and kisses and tells him how handsome he is… Parker likes to let his friends know how much he loves them every time he sees them.  I try to make sure that I carry that happy enthusiasm because even though Parker has a rough start to life he lives his days to the fullest and makes sure that everyone knows.

Q3. Why should folks consider specially-abled pets as they’re looking to rescue an animal? 

A3. Specially-abled pets are so great to adopt because they don’t let anything keep them down. They might need an extra hand from time to time. We always make sure to help Parker in and out of the car so he doesn’t fall but it’s not a hard task. Specially-abled pets bring real joy to our lives just knowing that they live every day of their lives to the fullest they don’t know that anything is different, they just do all the things that make them happy, eat, play, sleep, give and receive affection. Also, a lot of times specially-abled pets are overlooked in the shelter people don’t understand that there really is no difference from the love you will receive and give to a pet that is blind, missing a leg, or deaf.

Q4. Where can folks find Parker on Facebook and Instagram? 

A4. Parker has his own Facebook page. It’s @Parker J Bearington. We like to post photos and videos of him. He thinks that we could post more… we probably should.

“Often times people feel sad for Parker because he is missing his leg, I always take that moment to let people know that Parker is the happiest dog in the world. He has no idea that he’s missing a leg.  He runs, and jumps and plays fetch like any other dog. In fact, I would say he really is the luckiest dog ever. He’s head treat tester at all three stores a job he takes very seriously, loves to eat lunch with all the staff and makes friends everywhere he goes. You don’t need 4 legs to do any of those things.”

Hope you enjoyed reading this and why Parker is so special! Please leave a comment below!