Official Grand Opening of Salty’s Pet Supply Online Store

Shop 24/7 When It’s Convenient

Salty’s Pet Supply Customers Can Now Buy Products Online, Pick-up in Store (Staff Will Run Orders Out to You!) 

Salty’s Pet Supply is offering customers a new alternative to shopping in-store for the days where errands are virtually impossible. 

Now anyone can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. Top sellers are available online and all customers need to do is pull up in front and one of our staff will come out with your order. If a customer’s fave brand isn’t available online, we ask them to reach out to any of the staff and we’ll get a special order set up. 

“We understand how traffic and parking in the neighborhood can make errands difficult for customers so we wanted to make sure shopping was convenient for everyone,” explains owner, Nancy Fedelem. “We have a customer that recently had a baby and we realized how hectic life was now that the baby is born. Now she buys all her dog’s food online and calls us when she’s on her way. Our staff simply brings it out to her car.” 

Pricing is the same online and off

The prices for online shopping are exactly the same as the pricing in-store and there is no additional fee for the online service. Food purchases will be credited to customers that are part of our established frequent buyer program. 

If a customer needs to return an item, they do have to come into the store! If you have any problems getting to the store, just call our staff! The rules of engagement are simple. Order online and come pick up your items at the store or call ahead and we’ll run them out to you! 

PROMO CODE: If you use NOWOPEN when you check out you’ll receive a 10 percent discount off your entire order. This code can only be used once per customer.

Here’s what the navigation looks like:

You can shop for your cat or dog. It’s so easy.

The brand categories are also easy to navigate. 

Shop your fave brands! 

Please ask the staff if you have any questions or cannot find a brand you typically order. As you know, we always have new products available in-store and we want you to come in when you have time to visit with our staff! This is absolutely for those times when online shopping is just easier.

We want to help our customers as we know you all are busy!