Organizing Dog Gear: How to Declutter on a Budget

We are days away from October and the rain hasn’t really come back yet. Before it does, it is time for folks to consider a mudroom makeover. Or if you don’t have a mudroom then creating something to help organize all the dog gear you’ve accumulated over the last year must be on the list for this weekend!The staff polled customers and roommates and here are some dog gear organization tips we came up with!

This can be done on a small budget by visiting places like the Rebuilding Center on Mississippi Ave. We took a trip over there and found wonderful hooks to help organize dog gear like dog leashes and collars. All those used building materials can easily be transformed into a workbench with hooks by your back sliding door! The Rebuilding Center has been a neighbor since Salty’s opened and we are huge advocates for this nonprofit. Just ask our staff!We came up with five budget-savvy ways and some inspiration from our fave Instagram channels too.

Top five ways to organize your dog gear

1) Repurpose an old armoire or vintage toolbox into perfect pet storage (for clutter like toys and poop bags). There were many at the Rebuilding Center, but Goodwill is a great place to check too!

2) Use baskets for storage (there are many storage “shops” that have cheap wicker baskets that can also be used for “toy” storage by the front or back door)! Or even consider a toy box for your dog gear. You also probably have baskets somewhere in a closet. Baskets will help declutter the family room where toys are hiding in the couch corners.*keep it chic!

3) Create a walking station with hooks and baskets or buckets. The blogger, May Richer Fuller Be, shows a great example on how to use cheap hooks and buckets to keep leashes organized!  See her pin!

4) Treat jars for storage on kitchen counters! Consider using Mason Jars which you can find everywhere. There are so many ways to decorate your jars too, so they’re “on theme” – your local craft store will have stickers and this may be a fun project for kids too!Get treats out of those boring boxes they came in and put them in mason jars.

5) Storage for dog coats now that the weather is turning is a must have. What do you do with all those coats!Find a coat and hat rack with a tray underneath and proudly display all the rain and winter coats for your dogs by your front door. Goodwill has plenty of these to choose from! A small budget is great! You can find most of these at a local thrift store – it will allow you to organize your dog gear and get ready for the colder, rainy months ahead!

Need other ideas?

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We’d love to hear what you’ve done to help organize dog gear so please leave us some comments!


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