DIY Pet Photography Tips

DIY Pet Photography Tips

Consider a mini photoshoot with your pet

Create your holiday cards with a pic you took of your pets

Pet Photography at home in your yard or family room isn’t as hard as it sounds. It would help if you had some ideas or a theme for your shoot, treats, and phone.

Consider which pets will be in the photo. Do you want your dogs and guinea pig on the holiday card? You’ll need a plan for how long your pets will stay still for Pet Photography which will be about ten seconds. If you have a buddy to take the pic for you, you’ll also have someone who can pass out the treats! Yet if you have a timer on your camera, that’ll work too.

Funny hats or Zoo Snoods are great for pics

Funny hats or Zoo Snoods are great for pics

Ideas for the shoot

Consider a theme for the shoot or if you’re interested in an outdoor photoshoot, then scout out the location in advance to know exactly where you want to set up your pet photography. Some fun themes may include:

  • Matching holiday pj’s with your pets
  • DIY backgrounds or backdrops (can also be created by getting your fake Christmas tree out a little early)
  • Identify a place where you hike that has the perfect backdrop, like somewhere in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon
  • Perhaps you want some Zoo Snoods on your pets to make the pic more festive

Treats for training

Always plan to use high-value treats as a reward for pet photography. Since you’ll be using several treats to bribe your pets to stay in place for a few seconds, you may want to consider a healthy treat like sweet potato chews. Slice the treats into very tiny pieces for your pets and have them in a treat pouch that is easily accessible.

Pet Photography Tips

  • Invest in a tripod for your phone (It doesn’t have to be expensive)
  • Try the timer setting on your camera to determine how many seconds you’ll have before you take the pic in timer mode
  • Practice and do a dry-run with your pets as the set-up may need tweaks
  • Be patient with your pets, and remember that the pic doesn’t need to be perfect
  • You’ll want a very well lit room if indoors, and remember to open all the blinds for natural light (outdoor lighting sometimes works best)

Our staff can help you with treats that are perfect for photoshoots with dogs or cats.

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