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Just like people, the diet and nutrition needs of dogs can vary widely. But don’t worry, we’re here to help advise on the best food for your pet’s individual needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


Although the first proof of domesticated cats dates back to Egypt some 4,000 years ago, there is evidence to suggest that cats were cohabiting with humans as early as 7,500 BCE. Fast forward to the year 2018, and nearly 86 million cats cohabitate with humans in the United States alone — that’s equal to 44% of U.S. households identifying as cat-friendly, as it were! But despite their long history of domestication, cats really haven’t undergone massive changes in their form or behavior. 

Our knowledgeable team understands that a cat’s digestive system is specifically geared for processing a prey-based diet. All cats are carnivores and have no need for carbohydrates. We can advise on the best food for your cat’s individual needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

Backyard Chickens

Chickens are omnivores who enjoy a varied diet that can include vegetables, fruits, flowers and grasses. They will also forage for insects and worms. Commercial feed - like you’ll find in our stores - is correctly balanced for all life stages of chickens, and starting your backyard chicken on a high quality feed will help in their egg production and overall health. Remember, chickens should have access to their feed all day long, along with oyster shell (a good source of calcium that promotes healthy egg development) and grit (tiny rocks used by hens to grind up food, and aid in digestion and nutrient extraction). We’ve included a feeding guide below to help you get started. We also carry feeds for backyard waterfowl and turkeys. We look forward to answering all of your backyard chicken questions! 

  • 0 to 8 weeks old - use 18% to 20% starter feed
  • 8 to 14 weeks old - 16% to 18% starter/grower mixed together
  • 15 to 18 weeks old - 16% grower
  • 18 weeks old - 16% layer feed

Reptiles & Amphibians

Most lizards can eat a variety of insects, but not all insect meals are created equal! Waxworms, for example, are fatty and more like junk food. Some lizards, such as crested geckos, need a species-specific diet, but can enjoy live insects occasionally. Leopard geckos can have mealworms as a main staple of their diet, but, depending on their age, bearded dragons have different feeding needs. Confused? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here’s a little more general information, but please bring your questions to us. We look forward to helping you find the right diet for your unique pet. 

  • Insects are also food for amphibians, including dumpy frogs, pacman frogs, red-eyed tree frogs and other hobby species (but note that we do not carry food for smaller species such as dart frogs). 
  • The feeders we carry are also suitable for a variety of invertebrates such as scorpions and tarantulas. 
  • Some mammals, especially hedgehogs, enjoy insects, and many insects are also great snacks for poultry. 
  • Superworms are lively, fast moving, easily digestible, and have a long shelf life. But you have to keep them at a warm room temperature (75° to 85°) and around other larvae so they don’t pupate. 
  • If shelf life is important, then giant mealworms may be a better choice for your pet. They can last for several weeks if properly stored in the refrigerator, and are ideal for larger reptiles who enjoy mealworms but can handle larger prey.

Wild Birds

One of the best ways to enjoy wildlife in the comfort of your home is to watch birds at a feeder. You'll be amazed at the variety of birds that will come to your feeder throughout the year. At our Fang! Pet & Garden Supply location we offer a variety of bird and wildlife seeds, suet, seedcakes and feeders. We are happy to talk with you about all your wild bird and wildlife needs. 

Pet Birds

Pet birds need good nutrition and enrichment actives to keep them happy and healthy. Visit our Fang! Pet & Garden Supply location for a mix of products for your pet bird. We have everything for your caged bird including seed, feeders, toys and cage accessories like perches, cozy huts, and foraging toys. If you are looking for a product we don’t have in stock, just ask and we can look into getting it for you.