Safe Spring plants, and ones to avoid – Pet Poison Prevention Week 2016

Spring is here at last! This time of year is fantastic for an overhaul on your garden, yard, or houseplants to add in fresh color and scents. However, it’s important to make plant choices that are non-toxic to our pets. March 20-26 this year is Pet Poison Prevention Week, which spotlights the need for safety for our furry friends with the plants, chemicals, and foods in our homes.Some of the most popular flowers in the Pacific Northwest – including tulips – can harm your pet.

Quite a few herbs happen to be pet friendly, however, meaning you can expand your flavor menu without worrying about issue with animal toxicity.Here’s some suggestions for safe, beautiful plants you can incorporate into your spring plans while keeping your peace of mind, and some plants to avoid.

Non-toxic to Dogs and Cats:-African Violet-Bamboo-Rosemary-Petunia-Camellia
Toxic to Dogs and Cats:-Azalea-Daffodil-Tulips (concentrated in the bulb)-Begonia-Carnation