Stores Host Readings with Animal Communicator this Fall

WHAT:In September and October, we will be hosting local animal communicator, Lou LaMotte at all three stores. Through Animal Communication you can learn more about the rich inner lives of your animals, what their soul’s purpose is as well as work out any questions you may have about their health and overall wellness.“Often we think about the love and companionship our animals bring us, but we sometimes forget to think about our roles in their lives. That we may be playing an important role in their deep inner lives beyond walks, pets, and dinner. That they are our great teachers, and that we too are teachers to them,” says LaMotte.A reading with Lou will inform pet owners what roles we are playing in their spiritual path and what that looks like for them. She will also share how we can best support them on this journey of their life.WHERE:

  • Salty’s Pet Supply, 4039 N. Mississippi Ave #104
  • Fang, 3131 N Lombard St.
  • Three Paws Neighborhood Pet Supply, 3147 SW Moody Ave


  • Fang – Saturday 9/23 & Saturday 10/28, 12-4pm
  • Three Paws Neighborhood Pet Supply – Thursday 10/12, 12-4pm
  • Salty’s Pet Supply – Sunday 10/8, 12-4pm

Contact: Each 15-minute reading will cost between $10-30 – on a sliding scale. You can RSVP for the event on Facebook but drop in’s are welcome! It is ok to bring your well-behaved pet into the store on a leash or in a carrier.About the Animal Communicator: Lou LaMotte, an animal communicator, will be doing the readings. She asks each pet owner to bring a printed out image of their pet where their face is visible and clear.Lou LaMotte is a Queer Witch and Graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, Oregon. With the aid of their Ancestors, they weave magic, ritual, healing, and gratitude into their practice of working with the Plant and Animal realms. Lou works with people and their animals with animal communication, and through charm work, they weave new patterns with an old magic.

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