Get Help From a Professional Pet Sitter

We all deserve and need vacation time, but it can be stressful deciding on care for your pets while you’re gone. Boarding facilities can be a fantastic option – but the best ones are understandably often booked far in advance. A professional pet sitter can be a lifesaver and give you peace of mind when…

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Do You Wash Your Pet’s Water Bowls?

pet water bowl

Cleaning Pet Water Bowls Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet’s water bowl and you feel a slippery slime? A study done by NSF International found that pet food bowls are the 4th germiest product found in the average home. It’s time to clean your pet’s water bowl. There is a collection…

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What to do if you find a stray pet

We often worry about what we will do if we lose our own pets. It can be a very scary situation! We have to rely on the kindness and knowledge of others to get them home. This means it’s a good idea for you to know what to do if you find a stray pet;…

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