Waggin’ Wagon

STAY Pet Hotel’s Waggin’ Wagon, a social club for dogs, allows owners to schedule regular play dates for their pets without the hassle of driving to the dog park or heading out for a walk after a long day at work. The Waggin’ Wagon comes directly to your home in the morning, picks up your pooch for an entertaining ride back to STAY Pet Hotel, and provides ample time for your dog to make friends, romp and play. After lunch, the pups are returned home safe and sound, ready to greet mom and dad after a busy day.Parker, my three-legged rescue, comes back exhausted from playgroup. He’s made some great friends, and the socialization is not only paying off when he’s in the shop greeting other dogs- he’s a happier, content dog at home as well.Waggin’ Wagon offers its service in North and Northeast Portland and has recently expanded to cover Southeast Portland neighborhoods (covering from E Burnside to SE Division, and then East to I-205).