Winter Houseplants: Top 10 Low-Maintenance Varieties

Winter houseplants help keep the house from feeling dreary and depressing. It is easy to find a handful of low-maintenance winter houseplants to add to your collection at our garden center, and our staff can help explain the best care and maintenance for new greenery.

There are also ways to make your winter houseplants thrive and survive inside despite the dry conditions caused by a heater or fireplace. You also may not have the best lighting and may need a hanging plant. We have tips for beginners and savvy plant owners.  

Tips for your winter houseplants from our experts

How do you keep your winter houseplants and greenery looking healthy? There are simple steps to follow when you bring home plants during the winter season.

  • Look for sunlight 
  • Avoid drafty windows and radiators 
  • Group plants together to help them regulate moisture 
  • Look for signs of the first thirst, like curling leaves 

When is it time to repot your winter houseplants?  

It’s a good idea to determine whether it is time to repot your plants in the winter. When a houseplant grows too large, and the roots begin to grow through the drainage holes, repotting the plant into a larger pot will become necessary. Read more here for tips.

Ten easy “winter” houseplants!

Do you want a tropical paradise this winter? Some of these houseplants are so low-maintenance they only need a spritz of water. We even carry starter plants for beginners. Check out these ten plants we carry and bring your list to our staff!  

Snake Plant
Snake Plant

1. Snake Plant

1. Snake Plants:

The classic low-maintenance winter houseplant! It can tolerate low light and doesn’t need to be frequently up-potted or watered—our number one recommendation for plant beginners.

ZZ Plant

2. ZZ Plant:

Another classic low-maintenance winter houseplant! Glossy leaves make for a subtle but stunning addition to any room. Can tolerate low light and infrequent watering.

Golden Pothos

3. Golden Pothos:

The perfect starter vining plant. Pothos is an excellent low-maintenance winter houseplant you can put on bookshelves, windowsills or hang from your ceiling. They like medium light and prefer to dry out in between waterings.


4. Peperomia:

The great thing about peperomia is that they come in various shapes and colors, but the varieties we carry at Fang all have similar care tips! Peperomias like to dry out in between waterings and prefer medium light. They make a perfect desk plant.

Philodendron Lemon

5. Philodendron Lemon:

Fang! Staff member Kendra loves- Philodendron Lemon! The perfect show-stopping hanging plant! The bright colors will bring a tropical feel into your house, even in the dead of winter. This philodendron does the best in medium light, and the leaves will burn if you put it in direct sunlight for too long. For watering, make sure the top half of the soil has dried before watering.


6. Monstera:

Plant expert Leah recommends Monstera. Monsteras are one of the easiest ways to turn your house into a tropical paradise without having to go anywhere! These big guys are easy to take care of and satisfying to watch as they grow. Monsteras like bright indirect light and have their soil dry out in between waterings, which usually takes between a week or two depending on your house’s temperature/humidity and light environments. For bonus points, you can add humidity by giving them a spritz!

Spider Plant

7. Spider Plant:

Spider plants are some of the most prolific winter houseplants we carry! When put in bright indirect light, they produce baby spider plant pups that you can propagate! A great starter plant for people who are interested in propagation!


8. Pilea:

A unique starter winter houseplant to add some variety to your growing collection! Pileas like bright indirect light and to dry out in between waterings! For bonus points, you can rotate them, so the leaves stay symmetrical.

Peace Lily

9. Peace Lily:

Peace lilies are excellent communicators! They are hardy but prefer regular waterings and will wilt if forgotten. The great news is that once watered; they perk back up! Peace lilies like bright indirect light and will be happy with a spritz!


10. Dracaena:

Depending on the variety, dracaenas can be an excellent medium to large-size houseplant to add some vertical greenery into your house! They like bright indirect light and are easy to care for once you get on a watering schedule! They like to have the soil moist but never soggy.